About the server

The nc99 Minecraft server is a small community server hosted in a home in California since 2012. Throughout the years, we’ve hosted many types of Minecraft servers, including a public Bukkit server, several modded servers, and a private vanilla server. We continue to host a long-running vanilla server (on the same world since 1.8) and modded servers from time to time.

All staff play on servers along with everyone else and are not allowed any extra in-game advantages. This way, we become a server run by the players, for the players. On our servers, we try to have very few rules in order to give as much freedom as possible but without it hurting others.


All staff are volunteers. Staff may be able to remotely access the server console to resolve issues, or otherwise contact someone who can.


If you have any issues or questions, please email support@nc99.co.


All server costs, including electricity and domain registration, are covered privately. All maintenance is done on a volunteer basis. We do not currently accept online donations. As this service is provided for free, all that we ask is that players are respectful to each other and staff.

Technical Details

The server runs NixOS Linux and was custom built. The current specs are:

We are home-hosted in San Francisco, CA so geographical distance from here can also be a factor in lag, although international users from Europe have been successful in playing on a public modded server in the past (when we were in Mountain View, CA).